Family-friendly universities

Rectors of a number of universities and deputies are proposing to allow not only the spouses of foreign students but also their other legal representatives to stay in Russia. This could be a measure to attract students from other countries to Russia, according to the authors of the initiative. They also propose to extend to private universities a special migration regime, under which students can obtain a temporary residence permit. Ashot Dzhanumov, Deputy Head of MCU International Relations Department, told a daily broadsheet newspaper portal Izvestia that the amendments could have a positive impact on the flow of foreign students to Russia.

Comfortable accommodation

The special migration regime for foreign students should be extended to private universities. It should also change the condition under which not only their spouses, but also other legal representatives will be able to stay in Russia together with students. Such proposals of a number of the State Duma deputies and members of the rector community were discussed at the meeting of the expert council on education and youth policy under the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Boris Chernyshov.

From 2023, foreign students can obtain a temporary residence permit in Russia; previously there was no such option, and students had to renew their study visa annually.

What international students lack

Ashot Dzhanumov told Izvestia that the system of migration legislation for foreign students is now as client-oriented as possible:

There are no significant barriers, there are legislative blocks that are conditioned by the flow of migrants. There is a practice when students are “lost” on the territory of Russia. The proposed innovations may increase the flow of students from other countries to Russia, but only if there is sufficient information not only from universities, but also at the level of the state and Russian missions abroad.

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Photo: MCU