Simulator – Success of All Children

The computer simulator Success of All Children is a reliable tool for developing general professional competencies.

Upon completing all 3 levels of the simulator, you will:

  • acquire the skills to apply the principles of forming emotional intelligence and motivating achievements in your work and communication with any child
  • gain the ability to make professional decisions, even in the most challenging situations, including when working with children with deviant behaviour
  • improve your professional speech and understand the goals and consequences of your statements, while considering the emotional state of students and their parents.

The simulator provides benefits for students, teachers, homeroom teachers and deputy headteachers. Completing practical cases, you will:

  • master the principles of developing the emotional-volitional sphere and fostering achievement motivation that will enhance the productivity of your interactions with students;
  • be free to make mistakes without judgment, as your interactions with virtual children are private
  • learn what is most relevant to your personal development;
  • get a detailed feedback for each case, including explanations, guidance, and teachings that will facilitate your learning;
  • work on the simulator at any time and from any location that is convenient for you;

Moreover, it should be mentioned that the simulator doesn’t assign scores or evaluations. Instead, it offers 3 difficulty levels. Progressing through these levels demonstrates your competence, and successfully completing the most challenging cases indicates a mastery of the principles of forming emotional intelligence and motivating children’s achievements. This has been validated by the experience of 20,000 teachers who have used the simulator.