Simulator – Efficient Management of Educational Institution

The simulator offers various benefits for the headteacher in forming the management team. The prinicpal will have the opportunity to:

  • assess the diagnostic results and development of managerial competencies of teachers and administrative staff who have undergone the simulator;
  • receive information for making decisions on the formation of a personnel reserve in a real school;
  • enhance the efficiency of the existing management team;
  • work on complex tasks as a single cohesive team.

The simulator also brings benefits to students, teachers, deputy headteachers, and novice managers. The participants will:

  • take on the role of a virtual headteacher;
  • practice skills in personnel management, resource allocation, process management, information analysis, and achieving results;
  • learn how to analyze management statements;
  • witness the consequences of their decisions, whether they are accepted or not, through making over 600 management decisions in a virtual environment.

The program offers several advantages:

  • modularity, allowing participants to choose the specific options they need, such as team building, individual training, and diagnostics;
  • online access, available 24/7, allowing participants to complete the programme without interrupting their main work;
  • game format, making the learning experience engaging and interactive.