Conservatives and Progressives (Issues of Education in the Digital Era) International Seminar

International Seminar “Conservatives and Progressives (Issues of Education in the Digital Era)” will be held by the Institute of Culture and Arts at Moscow City University (MCU) on January 26, 2021, 18:00 (UTC+3).

The Seminar is aimed at bringing together experts and practitioners in education and encouraging them to share their experience in:

  • the use of digital technologies in the distance and blended learning;
  • the features of interaction between learning process participants;
  • the features of learning processes in the arts university;
  • the misunderstanding of motivation to acquire knowledge;
  • the adaptation of the existent education technologies to digital reality.

Venue: The Seminar will be held online. It will be streamed in MCU’s Institute of Culture and Arts YouTube and VK pages. The registered participants will receive the link to the stream.

The presentations will be posted on MCU’s Institute of Culture and Arts official site in advance.

Presentations in English will be followed by consecutive interpreting in Russian.

Due to the limitations of the format, discussions will be held only by the speakers. The other participants will be able to ask their questions via the moderator.


Opening speech — Professor Irina Levina, Director of the Institute of Culture and Arts.

“Conservatives and Progressives. Academic Communication in Emergency Distance Learning” – Professor Irina Murzak, Candidate of Philology.


  1. “Pedagogical Communication in Distance Learning” – Victoria Brailitsa Bonelli, President of Priority College, education counsellor, USA.
  2. “Competence-Based Student’s Model in MOODLE” – Anna Litman, career advisor, American University, USA.
  3. “Rhetoric Traditions and Communicative Processes in the Digitalization Era” – Professor Irina Koleva, University of Urbino, Italy.
  4. “Student’s Self-Motivation in Distance Learning Process” – Alexandra Zhukova, graduate student, Moscow City University.
  5. “Efficient Communication in Distance Learning Process” – Victoria Permesskaya, graduate student, Moscow City University.