Chess tournament at MCU

On November 20, MCU chess championship was held at the Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies. The tournament was organized in the chess club in seven rounds in one day, in accordance with the Swiss system. The main coordinator of the competition was the captain of MCU chess team, student of the Institute of Humanities Maria Krylova.



  • 1st place – Roman Kitayev (2nd year, Institute of Economics, Management and Law)
  • 2nd place – Maxim Kalyuzhny (2nd year, Institute of Special Education and Psychology)
  • 3rd place – Anatoly Roganyan (2nd year, Institute of Secondary Vocational Education)


  • 1st place – Margarita Gaer (3rd year, Institute of Secondary Vocational Education)
  • 2nd place – Maria Krylova (3rd year, Institute of Humanities)
  • 3rd place – Valeria Ulanovskaya (3rd year, Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies)

The championship was supported by the Learn and Win! project of the Institute of Humanities, realised in cooperation with the Russian Chess Federation. Ilya Filippov, leading specialist of the technical directorate of the Russian Chess Federation and chief judge of many Russian chess tournaments, served as the judge after receiving the project’s invitation.

Maria Krylova shared her impressions:

The development and support of chess sport by the university is very important for students. Chess helps develop strategic and analytical thinking in addition to training the brain’s ability to notice and solve problems necessary to achieve a goal.

Photo: MCU