Сhallenges for a newly-employed teacher in a megapolis

On August 25, within the 4th Annual International Symposium “Education and the City: Quality Education for Modern Cities”, the roundtable discussion “Newly-employed Teacher in a Megapolis: Challenges and Priorities of Development” was held. The main participants were experts of the Laboratory of Professional Competence Assessment and Adult Development at the MCU’s Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education and invited international guests.

Anastasia Belolutskaya began the discussion with the report “From Solo Pedagogy to Multi-directional Learning Communication: Challenges of Transition”. Natalia Zhabina continued with the report “Professional Identity of Newly-Employed Teachers in the Context of Changing Attitudes towards the Role of a Teacher in the Educational Process: a Review of International Studies”.

Vardigul Mkrtchyan (MCU, Russia) and Grigory Gurin (Russia) spoke of the role of mentoring in the process of training newly-employed teachers presenting an overview of international practices.

Tatiana Shcherbakova (MCU, Russia) featured the possibilities and tools of distance mentoring at a university – the Platform “MCU – Your Mentor”. Irina Kryshtofik (MCU, Russia) delivered the report “Professional Development of Newly-Employed Teachers: Developing Pedagogical Reflection vs Acquiring Universal Competencies”.

Three international speakers concluded the roundtable discussion. Prestin McCormick (The U.S.) spoke of the possibility of creating an application for Maths teaching. Yung Hui Chen (Taiwan) presented the report “Adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” for Cinema Production” and Pei-Wen Ting (Taiwan)delivered the report “What Сan You Learn from the BBC Television Adaptation of the Novel “Les Miserables” by V. Hugo?”

Centre for Evaluation, Quality and Inspection of Dublin City University was the special guest of these sessions.

The video recording of the roundtable discussion is available here.