Board of Trustees of MCU Endowment assigned

On December 24, 2021, the Governing Council for the MCU Endowment held a meeting and appointed a new composition of the Board of Trustees.

Anton Molev, Deputy Head of the Moscow’s Department of Education and Science, MCU’s alumni, has been assigned Chair of the Board. Oxana Prikhodko, Director of the Institute of Special Education and Psychology has become Secretary of the Board. The full composition includes:

Alexander Stradze commented on the role of the endowment for the university:

As for me, an endowment is a powerful mechanism for the development of leading universities, that is recognized by the international educational community. Any mechanism functions only if it is established and operated properly. I have got some experience and a great wish to be involved in the creation and organization of the MCU Endowment in general and the Endowment of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies in particular.