Anniversary exhibition of Maria Semenova

We invite all art lovers to the opening of the anniversary exhibition of a famous water-colorist Maria Semenova, Professor of MCU Department of Visual Arts and Design, Honored Culture Professional of the Ministry of Defense, Doctor of Sciences in Pedagogy, chairperson of the Watercolor Art section of the Eurasian Art Union.

The works of Maria Semenova are a world filled with sunny warmth, transparent air and light. The exhibition showcases delicate watercolor artworks that capture the essence of life’s moments, creating an illusion of motion and transparency. These artworks beautifully encapsulate fleeting episodes, allowing us to relive and appreciate them anew.

On the day of her 50th birthday, October 05, 2023, Maria Alexandrovna invites everyone to the grand opening of the exhibition.

Institute of Culture and Arts (21 Fabritsiusa St, Moscow)
Please take your passport with you.