Analytical tools in MCU’s educational process

Students of Moscow City University study data analytics using Polymatica software from SL Soft. This information was shared with CNews by a representative of the company.

Practical classes of the course “Data Analytics. Applications in the field of education” are based on Polymatica BI systems. Students gain proficiency in various aspects and learn how to use the Polymatica Dashboards information panel designer, the Polymatica Analytics tool for multidimensional analysis and its Data Mining module for finding patterns in large amounts of data. The course is part of an additional professional retraining programme in IT.

In addition to BI tools, students learn how to write SQL queries, create algorithms in Python, work in the Jupyter Notebook and Google Colaboratory. Besides, they get hands-on experience with frameworks for creating and evaluating machine learning (ML) models. Students also have the opportunity to explore Polymatica’s ML product for ML model creation and management.

Natalia Voznesenskaya, head of the additional professional retraining programme “Data Analytics. Application in Education”, Deputy Director, Associate Professor of the Department of Informatisation of Education at MCU’s Institute of Digital Education, expressed her impressions:

Polymatica is a user-friendly and accessible analytical platform that seamlessly integrates into our study program, enabling our students to acquire valuable data manipulation skills. Upon successfully completing tasks, students are awarded certificates from the vendor, which enhances the practical value of the entire course curriculum.

Moreover, Ivan Krot, Head of Polymatica Sales Department at SL Soft, shared his view:

We have a longstanding partnership with MCU, working closely with several departments and participating in university events. Our specialists conduct practical classes and workshops for students, and the university has acquired academic licenses for Polymatica solutions. In the future, we plan to offer internships at SL Soft for MCU students. We are thrilled to share our knowledge and contribute to the education of graduates.

Photo: MCU