Account of The 2022 Summer University of Tutoring

On June 6–July 5, the Laboratory of Personalization and Lifelong Learning at the MCU’s Institute of Lifelong Learning jointly with the Master’s program on tutoring at the MCU’s Directorate of Educational Programs and the Interregional Tutor Association arranged and held The 2022 Summer University of Tutoring.

This year, the scientific, practical and educational forum focused on the ecosystem of tutoring in the Russian Federation, its specialization, division of labor, and networking. The Summer University lasted for 39 days as it was prolonged at the participants’ request. 45 events of the Summer University featured 3 in-person ones, 38 in the online format, and 4 in the mixed format. Events of the Summer University included:

  • Research and practice seminars for the exchange of tutoring approaches in secondary and high school;
  • Online conference Personalization in Education and Tutoring as an Element of Russian Education Ecosystem;
  • The Day of the Professional Formation and Lifelong Human Development of Modern Tutor.

The participants of the Summer University had an opportunity to receive systemic tutoring support for their professional training routes.

947 representatives of 7 countries participated in the Summer University, including Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, South Korea, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, the U.K. The participants mainly work in the field of education, and others are social studies researchers, constructors, embodiment facilitators, engineers, as well as school and university students.

The Summer Universities of Tutoring have been arranged since 2010–2011 when The All-Russian Tutoring Community initiated first summer forums.

You can watch the recordings of The 2022 Summer University of Tutoring on the YouTube channel. For translation into your language please select Subtitles → Language.