Tutoring in the Open Learning Environment

On October 26—27, 2021, the 14th International Research and Practice Conference “Tutoring in the Open Learning Environment: teacher’s training as a developing anthropological practice” will be held by the MCU’s Institute of Lifelong Learning and the Interregional Tutors Association.

The anthropological approach significantly contributes to the understanding and design of teacher training for the educational community. It creates new views on humans and promotes new requirements for educational activities. The anthropological approach focuses on the anthropological practices as practices of working with humans and practicing the human. Within the conference, teacher training will be regarded as a developing anthropological practice and the following issues will be discussed:

  • What is the content of teacher training and the core of teacher’s competencies within the anthropological approach?
  • How the anthropological paradigm changes the ecosystem of designing and developing teacher training?
  • What educational and life experience teachers-to-be should gain to assist their students in developing and fulfilling an image?
  • Does the anthropological approach to the development of teacher training influence the procedure, didactics, and institutions of teacher training, including the variety of teaching professions and posts?

The conference will feature presentations of plenary reports, 15 workshops, 12 thematic sessions, the scientific symposium by the Institute of Education at Tomsk State University, a positional seminar, a roundtable session, a problem and project-based laboratory, a discussion platform, and a tutors conversation.

The conference will be in the online format.

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If you wish to present your report at the conference, please submit the abstract before October 15, 2021.

See more information on the official website of the conference.