Tutor of Digital Technologies

MCU will collaborate with the National Research Nuclear University, the National University of Science and Technology, the Laboratory of New information Technologies, and UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education on the joint project initiated by the Russian Educational Society ‘Znanie’. The project concerns developing the standard of a newly emerged profession Tutor of Digital Technologies.

The tutors of digital technologies will assist people in learning about E-commerce and gaining skills to use the opportunities offered by it.

On July 30, MCU held the discussion of the occupational standards required for the new profession. The following issues were addressed during the webinar:

  • Professional requirements: education, relevant work experience, qualifications.
  • Explaining the need for the new profession.
  • Professional standard as a basis for new educational programs aimed at training digital technologies specialists, and tutors of the Silver University for elderly citizens.

The demand for tutors of digital technologies reflects the evolving digitized society we live in. MCU is sensitive and flexible enough to grasp this demand and provide the city with the experts it needs.