The urban environment through the eyes of educational stakeholders

On August 24 at 14:00 within the framework of the 4th Annual International Symposium: “Education and the City: Quality Education for Modern Cities”, a round table on the topic “The index of the quality of the urban environment from the perspective of educational stakeholders” will be held. The Laboratory of Educational Infrastructures at the MCU’s Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education organizes the event.

The urban environment and social infrastructure, public transport and walking accessibility, ecology and a healthy lifestyle in the city are current urban topics of the last decade. A lot has been done within the framework of city projects and federal programs, but what does the development of urban areas look like through the eyes of participants in educational relations — parents, teachers, students? What is a high-quality urban environment for them and how satisfied are they with it? The speakers ‘ reports are devoted to the search for answers to these topical questions.

The session will be opened by Elena Ivanova, head of the Laboratory of Educational Infrastructures, with the report “What helps us to be happy and satisfied in a city?”. Ekaterina Barsukova (MCU, Russia) and Anton Agapov (MCU, Russia) will discuss the topic of public transport and walking accessibility in the metropolis. Irina Vinogradova (MCU, Russia) and Natalia Konstantinova (MCU master’s student, Russia) will speak of the social contradictions of the urban center and the suburbs. Ekaterina Kolesova (MCU, Russia) and Tatyana Rezanova (MCU, Russia) will present the report which is dedicated to educational eco-urbanism and the development of eco-friendly living habits in a megalopolis.

Ivan Klimov (MCU, Russia) will conclude the roundtable discussion with the report “Calculating the index of urban life quality. The formula of the city’s welfare”.

Elena Ivanova will moderate the roundtable discussion.

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The full programme of the Symposium is available here.


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