The Plenary Session of the Symposium’s First Day

On May 26, a plenary session will be held within the 5th Annual International Symposium Education and the City: The Third Mission of the University, moderated by Svetlana Vachkova, Director of the MCU’s Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education,

The speakers of this session include:

  • Nikita Rumyantsev, How the Urban Environment Impacts the Health of Children and Teenagers? Factors, Approaches, and Tools for Creating a Healthy City (Russia);
  • Boris Kupriyanov, Fast Food Chains in Moscow as a Space of Socialization of School Students Joining Teenage Communities (Russia);
  • Monica Maini, Developing the Research Ecosystem – Reflection on the Role of Universities in Strengthening Research Competencies of Scholars (India). Monica Maini will speak on how the role of universities in India has changed over the last two decades. She will analyze the major higher education policy reforms in India and how they have affected the development of the research ecosystem. Monika will consider the challenges hindering its development and suggest ways to overcome them, as well as will offer ideas for enhancing the role of universities in the research ecosystem development.

The plenary session will be held in a mixed format, the in-person event will be held at 8 Sadovaya-Samotechnaya Street, lecture hall 28.

The link to join the broadcast is available in the Symposium’s program.

For all up-to-date information please visit the official page of the Symposium.