The faculty of the Institute of Secondary Vocational Education undergo qualification certification

The Institute of Secondary Vocational Education has developed the project for the certification of the faculty’s qualifications together with the Laboratory of Professional Development at the Institute of System Projects. The Laboratory’s staff has designed a tool for a precise and unbiased assessment of the quality of education. It is widely requested in the field of secondary vocational education for establishing an effective personnel policy and improving the Institute faculty’s motivation for self-development and assessment of their professional potential.

The Certification comprises three stages:

  • Examination of meta-subject expertise and skills. It features an effective format to self-assess the basic knowledge and reveal gaps.
  • Preparation and organization of an open lesson. This stage provides an opportunity to implement all the ideas relating to the learning process. The participants of the certification are restricted neither in the choice of the subject nor presentation means and methods.
  • Comprehensive interview. It may touch on topics both professional and personal. The interview can help the interviewees define their professional objectives and goals to complete them.

The Institute of Secondary Vocational hopes for further fruitful cooperation with the Laboratory of Professional Development.