The 6th Annual International Symposium “Education and City: Mutual Development Resources”

We invite you to take part in the 6th Annual International Symposium “Education and City: Mutual Development Resources which will be held on May 18–20, 2023, hosted by Moscow City University.

The discussion issues of the Symposium include the role of education and educational organizations in modern cities, the opportunities to deliver the third mission of the university.

The objective of the Symposium is to present the research findings in the field of education quality, integration of educational systems and programmes in modern urban environments, and the development of social and humanitarian practices. The organizers believe that the Symposium should become a platform for establishing network in the professional community and forming new research teams.

Discussion tracks:

University as a platform for dialogue:

  • university and urban communities
  • university research, university as an institute for development of research competencies
  • university as popular science communicator
  • university as a driver for the development of social and humanitarian practices

Learning environments of a city:

  • urban cultural environment and the citizen
  • city as a resource for learning and development
  • megapolis cultural environment as a space for the implementation of innovative humanitarian projects
  • child and adult in a city
  • educational institutions and quality of living in a city
  • lifelong learning in a modern city – educating citizens to improve the quality of life

Professional development, urban context:

  • developing professional human resources for a modern city
  • network communities as a tool to develop education quality
  • training and professional development of a modern teacher
  • professional development and tutorship for beginning teachers
  • career tracks in education

To participate in the Symposium as a speaker, please fill in the application form (in Russian) and attach your abstract before April 1, 2023. To participate as a listener, please select “No report” in the “Type of report” item of the application form.

This year, the Symposium features the following types of reports:

  • report
  • poster report
  • mini- symposium
  • workshop

The symposium will be held in a blended format.

Venue: 8 Sadovaya-Samotechnaya Street, Moscow, Russia, Moscow City University

The results of the Symposium will be published in a collection of articles.

All updated information is available on the Symposium’s website.