Teaching Chinese Language and Culture: History, Present, and Perspectives

On February 16—18, the Chinese Language Department at the MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages invites to attend the international conference “Teaching Chinese Language and Culture: History, Present, and Perspectives“, which will be held in the distance format.

The conference aims to create a unified research and educational platform for interaction between teaching staff at schools and universities, leading Russian researchers, as well as experience exchange in various aspects of the process of teaching the Chinese language and culture in schools and universities.

The conference will include the tracks on the following topics:

  • Linguistic fundamentals of teaching Chinese;
  • Linguistic and linguodidactic potential of the predicative concept of language;
  • Traditions and innovations in teaching the Chinese language and culture;
  • Advanced technology in teaching Chinese;
  • Interdisciplinarity in teaching the Chinese language and culture.

Speakers from Russia, the U.S., Australia, Taiwan, and Belarus will contribute to the discussions within the conference. The conference will be held in partnership with:

The conference’s program will comprise plenary sessions and master classes, including a plenary session in English and Chinese as well as a master class in Chinese calligraphy lettering with a pen.

See details on the conference’s website.