Teachers’ training workshop by Maastricht University at MCU

On December 13-14, a Teachers’ training workshop Introduction to Problem-based Learning conducted by the experts from Maastricht University, Netherlands, will be held at MCU. The workshop is part of the staff development program for MCU lecturers aimed at upgrading their teaching skills.

Problem-based Learning is a learning method that focuses upon actual life tasks and uses them as a motivation to learn. While analyzing such tasks, students will learn new subject-specific information and acquire skills to solve them.

At the workshop the teachers will learn about

  • The basics of PBL
  • Characteristics of self-directed learning and student centered education
  • The use of modern learning principles in PBL
  • Applying modern learning principles to different cultural contexts
  • Managing educational activities 

The practice-oriented part of the workshop includes presenting successfull cases of Problem-based Learning at universities, as well as tutor sessions and sharing best practices.

All the participants will receive Certificates of Advanced Professional Training.

Maastricht University is ranked highly by the international university ratings, naming it one of the best newly-emerged universities in the world. One of its faculties, the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, conducts a special research project on education development. Experts and tutors from Maastricht University have a unique experience of arranging training workshops on PBL for different counries.