Successful interim evaluation of the CReLES project

In July 2020 the International Consortium of the Erasmus+ capacity building project CReLES aimed at supporting culturally responsive leadership and evaluation in schools was successfully evaluated by Léargas, the National Agency for Erasmus+ in Adult Education, School Education, Vocational Education and Training, and Youth.

The rationale for the CReLES project is the increase in cultural and linguistic diversity of students in schools as a result of migration.  In line with the current influx of migrants and refugees to European countries and the international Sustainable Development Goal of inclusive and equitable education for all, this project aims to prioritise the inclusive education of students with a migration background and the school leadership that facilitates that inclusive education.

Within the first year of the three-year project the International Research Team have managed to achieve the following project outputs:

  • Analysis of national and transnational policies and supports for culturally responsive leadership and evaluation in schools (Ireland, Austria, Spain, Russia)
  • Defining the CReLES evaluation framework
  • Development of the CReLES web site at in 4 languages of the project countries
  • Development of the survey to explore strategies, supports, and challenges to leadership in school environments that have students with a migration background
  • Draft of the CReLES conceptual map

The interim report particularly states that the project has progressed very well since it commenced, particularly in light of Covid-19. A number of Intellectual Outputs have been completed with two (IO7 & 8) ahead of schedule. The schools survey has been re-scheduled due to Covid-19 and will take place in the autumn 2020. The mid-term project results demonstrate that there is a strong partnership with the key interest of the project to be successfully implemented.