Olga Lomovtseva

Olga Lomovtseva

Post: Professor
Academic credentials: Doctor of Sciences in Economics

  • LomovcevaOA@mgpu.ru

Research Profile

Industial and non-production sphere enterprises management and marketing, regional economy and administration, innovation management, and innovation infrastructure

Selected Publications

Olga A. Lomovtseva. Analysis and development prospects of the world honey market / Boris A. Tkhorikov, Yuriy V. Kozyaychev, Olga A. Gerasimenko, Nikolay V. Kamyshanchenkо // The Journal of Social Sciences Research. 2018. Special Issue 1.

Olga A. Lomovtseva. Spatiotemporal Aspect of the Cluster Systems Evolution / Boris A. Tkhorikov, Olga A. Gerasimenko, Elena A. Gukova, Svetlana Y. Soboleva, Natalya A.Mamatova // International Standard Serial. 2018. Vol.1

Olga A. Lomovtseva. Institutional Risk of Russian Public Sector Organizations Management / Tkhorikov, B., Gerasimenko, O., Dakhova, M., Dolinsky, N., Parfenova, E. // Journal of History Culture and Art Research. 2017 6(3). 1555-1566.

Olga A. Lomovtseva. Methodological aspects of monitoring implementation in public sector organizations’ indicative management system / Boris A. Tkhorikov, Mariia N. Dakhova, Oleg N. Polukhin, Olga A. Gerasimenko // The Journal of Social Sciences Research. 2018. Special Issue 1.

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