#ScienceJuice2020 at MCU Institute of Law and Management

MCU Institute of Law and Management will host the open students’ conference #ScienceJuice2020. Students of the Institute will discuss diverse questions of economy and various branches of law. The discussions will be held on November 23-27.

November 23

12:00 – New economy: potential of science and opportunities of education; moderator: Associate Prof. Olga Karabanova (KarabanovaOV@mgpu.ru)

17:30 – Relevant issues of education law; moderators: Associate Prof. Valentina Ladnushkina (LadnushkinaNM@mgpu.ru) and Associate Prof. Sergey Fyoklin (FeklinSI@mgpu.ru)

November 24

17:30 – Relevant issues of cyber law; moderator: Senior Lecturer Olesya Filipenkova (FilipenkovaOG@mgpu.ru)

November 25

16:10-18:30 – Constitutional values and the value of the Constitution; moderators: Prof. Tatiana Pryakhina (PryahinaTM@mgpu.ru), Associate Prof. Julia Gavrilova (GavrilovaUV@mgpu.ru), Associate Prof. Tamara Korchagina , Associate Prof. Mikhail Ponomaryov, and Senior Lecturer Anastasia Kalmykova

November 27

13:00 – Influence of international public and international private law approximation on global law framework; moderators: Prof. Alexander Krivenkiy (KrivenkiiAI@mgpu.ru) and Associate Prof. Sergey Buryanov

13:00 – Contemporary issues of environmental and land law in Russia; moderator: Associate Prof. Galina Romanova (RomanovaGV@mgpu.ru)

To take part in the conference, please, contact the moderator of the section you would like to join, via e-mail.