Ruslan Abramov assigned Director of Institute of Law and Management

In March, Professor Ruslan Abramov was appointed Director of the MCU’s Institute of Law and Management. Ruslan Abramov discussed a work plan in a greeting letter to MCU students and staff.

Dear colleagues, students, friends,

I am genuinely happy to join the MCU’s large and amicable team!

Now, we are facing a new challenge and an uneasy stage, and we need solidarity, support, and kind relations both with our families and work teams. That’s why I would like to treat you as friends. If we combine our intellectual and organizational powers, we will not only overcome the present challenges but also discover new opportunities to develop Russian science and education. Only together, we can contribute to a new and, hopefully, bright future for our graduates and the country in general.

What steps are we going to take primarily to ensure the Institute’s development?

Firstly, we have to begin to launch new, topical, and relevant educational projects and partnerships, as well as implement innovative solutions, which aim to formulate priority research directions focused on the sustainable development of the state and the enforcement of the university’s positions.

Secondly, as an integral part of a modern city university, we have to reconsider the system of training programs management and raise their coordinators’ status. At the same time, it is important to improve students’ initiativeness, and the involvement of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in the development and delivery of training programs.

Thirdly, we are going to ensure the integrity of administrative, research, and educational potential of the Institute to promote the transition to the project-based management model in the educational environment.

I would like to draw your attention that MCU provides students with opportunities to get a high-quality education and be heard. Every staff member can fully use their professional competencies and fulfill their research potential. The strategic programs of the university’s development are going to ensure the success of our initiatives.

Let us together build the university for the future, remembering the path we have already made and thinking of new opportunities.

Kind regards,

Ruslan A. Abramov,

Director of the Institute,

Doctor of Sciences in Economics, Professor