East-West Dialogue – Intercultural Communication: Eurasian Axis  (2022–2023)


Erasmus Mundus Design Measures project

Project Outline

The current project addresses several highly important issues related to globalization and qualification of young people in 21 century and the development of higher education in Europe and worldwide. These include but are not limited to higher level of internationalization, better flow and distribution of expertise and information, overcoming disparities caused by different cultural, economic or political background, enhanced exchange of ideas and experience, broadening the scopes of education, and accelerating the process of convergence of humanitarian scholarship.

The demand for high-skilled experts in Intercultural Communication is growing. In the context of limited travel opportunities due to the pandemic, there are new forms and types of communication emerging which relate to the digital tools and environments. It is essential to teach students traditional along modern forms of intercultural communication that are integral of the 21st century world. Moreover, traditional tensions in communication between West and East still wait for their solutions and latest political news along the Eurasian axis confirm the necessity of better qualified personnel, which bring together with their basic qualification in various fields, a better understanding of other cultures and tools for problem-solving.

Project Objectives

  • to develop and maintain a strong network between universities along the Axis Ireland—Japan;
  • to develop a program that will contribute to intercultural communication thanks to a curriculum and syllabus which prepares young professionals from various fields to apply their knowledge of cultures and languages to the benefit of intercultural relations and better understanding between Western Europe, Central and Eastern European countries, the Middle and the Far East;
  • to contribute to the education of young leaders who have a deeper understanding of the tensions and possible problem solving between members of societies from various economic, political, religious, social and cultural backgrounds.

Members of the International Consortium

University College Cork (Ireland)
Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” (Bulgaria) – Project Coordinator
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan)
University of Tsukuba (Japan)
Moscow City University (Russia)

More information will be available soon.

MCU project team

Vladlena Fedyanina

Head of the Japanese Language Department, Associate Professor
Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in History


Daria Milyaeva

Head of the International Relations Department


Alexandra Mozgunova

Deputy Head of the Japanese Language Department for International Relations, Senior Lecturer


Natalia Ageeva

Research Fellow, Center for Analytical Research and Modeling in Education
PhD, Linguistics


MCU wins Erasmus Mundus Design Measures grant

MCU and international partner universities will develop a joint Master’s program in Intercultural communication and Japanese studies.