Problem-based Learning Workshop: Day 1

The training workshop for MCU lecturers on Problem-based learning started today on December 13 with the introduction seminar on Sadovaya-Samotechnaya Street. The experts from the Department of Educational Research and Development, Maastricht University, Herma Roebertsen, Mohammed Meziani, Elina Miteniece and Maarten van Kooij arrived at MCU to share the most efficient ways of arranging the learning process.

The seminar started with a welcome word by Dmitry Agranat, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

The Maastricht University team introduced themselves, speaking of their research projects and training activities they conduct in various cultural contexts.

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To explain the key principles of PBL, the Maastricht University team engaged the participants in a discussion, dividing them into groups and offering questions to ponder. Thus, the PBL principles have been defined as follows:

  • Constructivism
  • Contextual
  • Collaborative
  • Self-directed 

In an interactive way, the trainers and the participants discussed all four principles, considering them in different situations.

In the afternoon the traning will proceed with the lecture 7-Jump: Implementing the Learning Principles.


The second day of the training will be devoted mostly to the group work and workshops where the participants will learn how to apply the knowledge they gained in the classroom.