Press briefing dedicated to the quality of pre-school education

On May 11 the Russian News Agency TASS conducted a press briefing dedicated to the VII International Conference ‘Upbringing and Teaching Young Children’. The experts discussed the results of 3 recent major researches of pre-school education.


  • Lyubov Dukhanina, Deputy Head of the Committee of Education and Science of the State Duma
  • Igor Remorenko, MCU Rector
  • Nikolai Veraksa, Chairman of the Conference International Committee
  • Yury Sayamov, Head of the UNESCO Chair of Global Studies, Faculty of Global Process, MSU

The VII International Conference ‘Upbringing and Teaching Young Children’ will be held in Moscow from 16 to 20 May under the aegis of UNESCO. The quality of pre-school education is one of the UNESCO objectives for sustainable development.