Open lesson for French students

MCU continues to host events in the course of the international project ‘Russia in translation: a window to language and culture’. On April 26, Svetlana Mikhailova, Associate Professor at the French Language and Language Education Department, presented an interactive lesson for the students of Collège Jean-Jaurès, Saint-Vit, Besançon, France. The lesson was dedicated to keynote people and dates in Russian culture. Collège Jean-Jaurès is part of the University of Franche-Comté, a prospective international partner for MCU.

The lesson started with a fairytale, introducing traditional characters of Russian culture. Svetlana Mikhailova explained the origins of Russian personal names and patronymics. The students listened to the music by Chaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov, watched the only remaining video of the famous Russian ballerina — Anna Pavlova. Svetlana Mikhailova draw a number of examples proving continuous ties between Russian and French culture.

The students asked many questions about everything that seemed interesting to young people in another culture.

Svetlana Mikhailova wishes to thank the Center of Applied Linguistics of Franche-Comté University and personally Mr. Florian Chapey, Head of the Marketing and International Cooperation Department for support in arranging the event, and Mr. Christophe Cuenot for genuine interest in the project.