New Master’s degree program ‘Cultivating Young Talents’

The Directorate of Educational Programs of Moscow City University in cooperation with the Educational Centre ‘Sirius’ launch a new Master’s degree program ‘Cultivating Young Talents’. The program is based upon the innovative research and methods of working with talented children.

The developers of the project Academic Secretary Roman Komarov and Curator of the Sirius Centre Oleg Zverev shared some insights about the new program.

‘MCU is the center for various original schools that focus upon research on teaching talented children. Among them, the School headed by Alexander Savenkov who is Coordinator of one of the Master’s program modules; the Siberian School by Lyudmila Larionova; research by Marina Shalashova on lifelong learning.

According to the President’s strategic Plan of Science Development, it is scheduled that 85 centers for talented children’s support will be established in Russian cities by 2022. The centers will be designed upon the leading model in this sphere, the Sirius Center, taking into account its best practices. Therefore, we have forethoughtfully decided to start this Master’s program, aimed at preparing qualified staff for the national project. The graduates will be able to head such centers, design training processes and consistent work of all structures.’

Who is eligible to enter the program?

‘We are looking forward to recruit applicants who are flexible, creative, full of new ideas, seeking new approaches. Formal degree is not as important to us, as it is obvious that talented teachers can be found in various fields. We are eager to admit people whose eyes are shining with excitement, who are as open to the world as the children who they are going to teach.’