Moscow City University Endowment

Moscow City University has established the Endowment Fund.

An endowment is a capital that is primarily intended for financing institutions of education, medicine, culture, and science, among others.

Benefactors generate and replenish the capital. The Fund trust the capital to an asset management company. The revenue from the endowment management is returned to the university. The capital remains mostly untouchable.

Russian law sets strict requirements for the transparency, control, and reporting of the fund. The annual approved audited reports are posted on the Fund’s website on the Internet.

The Moscow City University Endowment has been established for financial support of the university’s key areas:

  • innovations programs, research, life-time funding of the merited professorships;
  • updating of the material and technical resources;
  • scholarship and grant support for students and postgraduates.

Moscow City University appeals to its friends and partners with an offer to participate in the development of the university’s endowment.

Your donation will assist in the strategic development of the university and will be an important contribution to the professional success of many generations of teachers.

The Governing Council of the Endowment Fund includes:

The Director of the Endowment Fund is Alexey Anisin.