MCU undergraduates performed at the show “Come on, all together! In chorus!”

On March 1st, at 21:30, the fourth episode of the vocal show “Come on, all together! Chorus!” took place. The performance featured the choir of undergraduate students from the Department of Musical Art at MCU’s Institute of Culture and Arts, known as “Magi VOXA” (the team head is Rustina Zubova, and the head of the Master’s degree programme is associate Professor Irina Kudrinskaya). Competing against talented and professional teams from various cities in Russia and abroad, the group earned a commendable score of 78 points. The jury was highly impressed, describing their performance as “bright” and “incredible” (Nikolai Baskov), “cool” (Lada Dance), and “talented” (Semyon Limanov).

Irina Olifer was the first to evaluate the performance of the “Magi”: “I loved your performance, your look, and your sound. I liked your dense sound, you are a cool band, you are an amazing band.”

ÁARPI Abkarian praised the singer’s voice that sang “ultrasound”, emphasizing its amazing quality, and added:  “Don’t give up, go ahead, everything will be great, you are amazing.”

Lada Dance acknowledged the team’s strengths and areas for improvement, and concluded her review by complimenting them: “You looked beautiful, you’re cool.”

Semyon Limanov highly appreciated the performance of MCU undergraduates: “You have it all. You performed exceptionally well, you are bright, brilliant. You are what we love, what I love. You delivered a modern song in a modern way. It was fashionable, it was stylish”. Semyon Limanov also addressed hundreds of experts, expressing surprise: “Well, what can I say? It’s evident that these guys are talented. I’m simply amazed. What do you think, experts?”

Sergey Lazarev concluded the results by voicing the collective opinion of the entire jury, stating: “We want to support such groups and to promote this kind of movement in our country.”

During a post-performance interview, the “Magi” choir shared their experiences, emotions, and impressions.

Experience gained

Dmitry Konstantinov:

“It was an incredible experience for us. Firstly, it includes performing on such a grand stage in front of so many professionalsand, surely, the experinence of testing our ability to handle stress.”

Vladislav Povarkov:

“I got an incredible experience working on set, because it’s an extraordinary feeling when you need to express your emotions to both the camera and the audience.”

Who the VOXA Magicians sang for?

Dmitry Konstantinov:

“First of all, we sang for ourselves and our loved ones, and only then for the audience in order to channel our creativity and present ourselves on such a stage for the first time.”

Catherine Dundar:

“I sang for myself, and it held great importance to me, and for the “hundreds” — receiving feedback from qualified experts is always something I eagerly anticipate”


Vladislav Povarkov:

“During the performance, I experienced a sense of excitement, but it was a positive excitement that fueled my singing and allowed me to radiate energy to the audience.”


Photo: editors of the show “Come on, all together! In chorus!”