MCU Scientific Sessions in spring 2020

The MCU Scientific Sessions is an annual all-university research event that features round table discussions, workshops by renowned Russian and international professors, as well as issue-related student conferences, contests and exhibitions.

Scheduled from March 1 to April 30 2020, The Scientific Sessions are dedicated to the MCU’s 25th anniversary and have the purpose of presenting the integrated research policy conducted by MCU.

Key objectives

  • Development of research initiatives within the metropolitan educational system
  • Application of scienific results in the MCU’s practices
  • Uniting the teaching and scientific community
  • Integration of education and science
  • Motivating bachelor’s, master’s and PhD students for future scientific careers

MCU invites students, school and university teachers, methodologists, education policy-makers and other stakeholders to participate in the Scientific Sessions’ events that will be held at MCU from March 1 to April 30.

Program of the Scientific Sessions 2020 (in Russian)