MCU’s scientific and educational portal Prizma

On May 18, within the framework of the Annual International Symposium “Education and City”, Moscow City University presented a scientific and educational portal Prizma. It is considered to be a media resource that gives an opportunity to get full and detailed information on the research base and potential of MCU.

You can learn more about portal navigation in the following video:

The idea of the portal’s creation, goals, objectives and structure were told by:

  • Svetlana Vachkova, the Director of the MCU Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education;
  • Natalia Kondratieva, the Editor-in-Chief of the portal Prizma, the Head of the MCU’s Department of Information and Analytics of the Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education.

It was highlighted that the portal would have various types of information: from short podcasts to videos and texts about the research of MCU scientists. The future will see the portal as a brand identity of university researchers.

The concept of the portal

Just as a prism splits white into separate colors, university scientists direct their professional focus to urgent life issues examining every aspect. Prizma aims to present the scientists’ research outputs beyond the narrow academic circle. The resource makes scientific knowledge accessible to an unlimited audience interested in new things. Furthermore, the basic principles of the portal are unchanged: they are the expertise and reliability of the information provided.

The Prizma creators are aware that time is the most valuable resource today. Thus, they offer readers various information formats regarding their content: long reads and guides, short videos and comprehensive video podcasts, interviews, and reviews.

You may contact the editorial office via e-mail: