MCU’s Laboratory of Child Development at the EECERA Conference in Budapest

EECERA Annual Conference, the largest early years’ research conference in Europe, took place in Budapest on August 28-31, 2018.

MCU was represented by the researchers of the Laboratory of Child Development at the Institute of System Projects, namely the Institute’s Director Igor Shiyan, Senior Researchers Nikolai Veraksa and Tatiana Le-van, Leading Researcher Olga Shiyan and Junior Researcher Anna Yakshina. In their reports, the scientists outlined the conclusions of the research dedicated to dialectical thinking and imagination of preschoolers, assessment and improvement of pre-school education quality.
Together with their colleagues from Germany and Estonia, MCU’s experts discussed the outcomes of the cross-cultural survey that asked students and teachers of what is learning at pre-school age.


Besides, a book edited by Nikolai Veraksa and Sonya Sheridan ‘Vygotsky’s Theory in Early Childhood Education and Research. Russian and Western Values’ was presented at the Conference by the Routledge publishing house.

The schedule of the Conference included visiting the oldest kindergarten in Budapest, which was established in 1911. The MCU’s researchers learned about the fundamental features of the Hungary’s pre-school education system, national education standards and special aspects of teachers’ training.

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