MCU Rector: research vs interior design

University branding has recently become quite a popular issue among teachers, university staff and education managers. Shortly before the 16th Research and Practice Conference “Trends in Education”, the correspondent of Rossiya Segodnya met with MCU Rector Igor Remorenko.

Rector explained the current trends in university development, the ways to present its advantages, and the importance of branding.

According to Igor Remorenko, a university brand is comprised of its educational, research and innovation activities. Facilities, such as cafeterias, are also important, as a university must provide шеф students with convenient resources.

Undoubtedly, research has priority over interior design. We must first offer significant content and then wrap it up in a beautiful package. During the recent years we have been expanding the scope of our research, launched several new research and publication trajectories, reformed the MCU scientific schools, established many international partnerships. Only after that have we turned to improving the university facilities, the MCU hotel and cafeterias. Such approach offers the students, who have been attracted by the university brand, the top-grade content that they expected to receive.

Read the full interview in Russian here.