MCU ranked Top 50

RAEX Rating Agency published the end-of-year list of top Russian universities in 2019. RAEX aims to develop an independent evaluation scale based on statistics and polls of target audience. Such approach enables to define competitive advantages of Russian universities and future vision of higher education.

According to RAEX, MCU ranked 48 among national universities that provide best conditions for high quality education. In the cumulative ranking of best Russian universities, MCU was listed in the Top 100.

To ensure the validity of data, RAEX involved more than 50,000 students in the opinion polls enquiring their attitudes towards the strengths and shortcomings of Russian universities. The factors taken into account included the level of teaching, international oppportunities, facilities and resources, and popularity among prospective students.

According to the results of the 2019 polls, students consider the fundamental and science-oriented approach towards education applied by Russian universities as their strong point. However, universities are not very good at providing their graduates with job opportunities, meaning that more effort must be taken to develop cooperation between universities and employers.