MCU ranked best among Russian teacher training universities

Moscow City University has been awarded 1st place among Russian teacher training universities with a score of 100 points in new rankings by the RAEX Rating Review, presented on March 30. The rankings were compiled by 29 subject areas in natural sciences, engineering, mathematics, social studies, humanities, education, and medicine.

MCU is in the top-20 of 6 rankings in the following subject areas:

  • Philology and Journalism — 10th place;
  • Linguistics and Foreign Languages — 10th place;
  • History and Archeology — 11th place;
  • Social Studies — 13th place;
  • Psychology — 16th place;
  • Law — 17th place.

In total, 136 universities in 41 regions of Russia were included in all the rankings.

The new rankings in subject areas complement the Three University Missions Moscow International University Ranking. They are aimed to indicate which universities provide students with the best educational and research training in the subject areas as well as consider how the universities contribute to social development. In addition, participation of the university’s students in the All-Russian Student Olympiad “I am professional” has an impact on the score of the university.

See the ranking of teacher training universities here (in Russian).