MCU professors at the Congress on Pedagogy in Ecuador

On April 19-21 the 4th International Congress on Pedagogy took place in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Many scientists from Spain and Latin America countries, including Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Salvador and others, presented their reports at the Congress.

The organizing committee invited representatives of the MCU Institute of Special Education and Complex Rehabilitation — Prof. Natalia Nazarova, Dr. of Pedagogy, Head of the Department for Psychological and Teaching Basics of Special Education and Prof. Tamara Bogdanova, Dr. of Psychology, who teaches at the same department, to speak at the Congress.

Prof. Natalia Nazarova’s report ‘Training teachers for inclusive education’ and Prof. Tamara Bogdanova’s report ‘Psychological support of inclusive education of children with special needs’ aroused genuine interest of teachers from many countries. MCU representatives were awarded with honourable diplomas of Congress participants.

Ecuador’s research on education has been developing largely under influence of Cuba’s scientists, many of whom studied in the former Soviet Union. Thus, the ideas of Lev Vygotsky and his followers exert substantial authority among Ecuador’s academics.

The teachers and researches from Latin America countries, especially Ecuador, expressed great readiness to foster cooperation with Russian academic community.