MCU professor at international conference on Vygotsky’s anniversary

On November 18—20, the International Conference dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Lev Vygotsky and the special event on the anniversary of two Russian-German kindergartens were held in the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Berlin, Germany. The events were arranged by Interkultureller Start gUG, a chain of kindergartens headed by Valentina Santini, a graduate from the Master’s degree program “Design and Expertise of Pre-School Education” at MCU.

Associate Professor Igor Shiyan, Deputy Director of the MCU’s Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education, gave the lecture “Lev Vygotsky and Modern Preschool Education or Three Vygotsky’s Quotes” and gifted a package of guidelines designed by the MCU’s Laboratory of Child Development to Interkultureller Start gUG.

Within the meeting, agreements were reached on cooperation for the promotion of the best teaching technologies developed in MCU in Germany’s bilingual and Russian-language educational institutions, and the perspectives of the partnership were discussed with the leadership of the Pädquis.