MCU opens Parent University

The research findings show that 64% of mothers and 47% of fathers would like to attend classes on the upbringing and development of children. However, most of them do not know the right venue to go.

To address the issue, Moscow City University has opened the Parent University at the Institute of Lifelong Learning. The Parent University will assist parents in searching for the relevant information, understanding the reasons for arising problems, and finding solutions to them. The University designs training programs on the most relevant issues to allow parents to understand the questions of upbringing, reduce the number of mistakes, relieve anxiety, and improve the quality of family life. The Parent University will hold webinars, masterclasses, and discussions to consider the most acute issues of modern children and adolescents.

On March 2, the MCU’s Parent University held its first meeting to debate the following questions:

  • Bullying and how parents of a bullied child should behave;
  • How to choose the right school for a future school student;
  • How to achieve full understanding with a child, deal with emotions, and teach it to the child;
  • Academic achievement of a child.