MCU opens a new hotel building in 2020

In April 2020, MCU opens applications for residence at the new MCU hotel building in the north-east of Moscow. We met with the director of the MCU hotel facilities, Alexey Popov, to ask him several important questions about the new hotel.

MCU does not have a dormitory, instead it offers residence in a hotel. What is the difference between the two?

MCU is primarily aimed at training young people living in Moscow to cultivate a local community of professionals for the benefit of the city. However, we are keen to create comfortable conditions for students from other regions of Russia and international students. The MCU hotel is open to students of all educational programs and modes of study.

Unlike ordinary student dormitories, the MCU hotel provides accommodation to students and their parents throughout the whole year, including summer vacation and admission campaign periods. The reception operates 24/7 and there is no access restriction during the night time. The safety of the residents is ensured by the video survaillance system, security and access control. The MCU hotel offers services that are not common for dormitories, such as room cleaning service and baggage storage. Another advantage is moderate cost of accommodation compared to Moscow hotels. There are discounts for the residents who pay for the whole period of stay during the academic year.

What kind of infrastructure is available to the residents of the new MCU hotel?

The new hotel is located within 30 minutes of the main MCU building and has very convenient transport connection: it is close to the metro stations Botanichesky Sad and VDNKH and to the Moscow Central Circle station Rostokino. The district on Yaroslavskoye roadway has well-developed infrastructure: there are many cafes and quick service restaurants, supermarkets and a gym. The locals enjoy the vast green Elk Island park and Botanical Garden to the south.

Due to its location, the building on Chechulina street is more convenient to those studying at the Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies and the Institute of Foreign Languages, while the new building on Yaroslavskoye roadway is more of an urban type and for those who have lectures at the main building.

What living conditions are provided by the new hotel building?

There are 369 guestrooms able to accommodate 924 residents. There are kitchenettes equipped with household appliances and self-service laundries, common rooms where students can study, communicate and have rest. The design of every guestroom divides the living space into 4 functional areas according to the type of activity: studying, communicating, recreation and storage.

The MCU hotel complex applies a system of unified standards, which means that every service is offered by the same price in all buildings.

When can MCU students move in the new building?

The building is currently under maintenance which is scheduled to be finished in spring. We plan to start receiving applications from April 1, 2020.