MCU is the best in pedagogy and among the leaders in humanities

On May 16, the RAEX agency published subject rankings of Russian universities. The study had been conducted for the second year in a row. This year’s ranking showed an increase in the number of subject areas by 20%. It amounted to 35 including mathematics, a wide range of natural science and engineering specialties, social sciences and humanities as well as pedagogy, medicine, and agriculture. The list of the best includes 164 universities from 42 regions of Russia (a year earlier — 136 educational organizations from 41 federal subjects).

MCU is represented in 7 out of 35 subject areas.

The greatest achievement is the university’s first place preserved in the field of Pedagogical Education (Pedagogy) ranking. The university managed to maintain its place in subject areas such as Philology and Journalism (10th place) and History and Archaeology (11th place). Сompared to the previous year, the university managed to rise by one position in the subject rankings Sociology (12th place) and Psychology (15th place). The university has made great progress in the field of Linguistics and Foreign Languages — from 10th to 8th place.

Furthermore, the competition of universities enhances annually and it becomes a challenge to hold places. MCU lost several places in the subject ranking “Law”. However, it remained among the 20 best Russian universities in this area.

Moreover, in mid-May, the INTERFAX Group published study findings of Russian universities implementing educational programmes in the fields of study  38.03.04 and 38.04.04 State and Municipal Administration. The results showed a ranking compiled of 69 universities. They have passed the thresholds regarding the number of students and graduates and are implementing the accredited full-time educational programmes in the field mentioned. The study authors analyzed 110 such programmes from different universities.

The ranking showed Moscow City University closing the top 10 in the field of State and Municipal Management. It took 10th place and rose its position by one place compared to last year being ahead of such strong universities as Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University and Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod.

The universities’ activity was evaluated by eight factors, among which: the number of implemented higher educational programmes in State and Municipal Management, the publication activities of the academic staff, the publication citations (RSCI, VAK), the student commitment to the I am a Professional Olympiad. More detailed information on the research methodology and results is available on the website.

Earlier, the INTERFAX group released an experimental ranking of universities in Psychology. MCU also succeeded to enter the top 10 and to take 10th place in this area.