MCU is a member of the International Alliance for Digital Education

Moscow City University has recently become a member of the World Digital Education Alliance, an international initiative established to promote the digital transformation of education worldwide. The alliance was initially announced in China during the International Conference on “Digital Education: Transformation and the Future of Education” in the winter of 2023, which brought together representatives from over 130 countries and regions.

The primary goals of the International Alliance for Digital Education are to foster international cooperation in education, support global management in this field, and facilitate the sharing of experiences and resources among participants to enhance educational systems. The alliance aims to organise an annual International Conference on Digital Education, exhibitions, and publish annual reports. Additionally, it seeks to create an international platform for intellectual education and develop standards for digital education. The alliance places particular emphasis on collaborating with countries in the southern hemisphere, including African nations and small island developing regions. Furthermore, the alliance actively supports youth development through digital education, encouraging their innovative and creative potential.

Being a part of the World Digital Education Alliance opens doors for MCU to collaborate on a global scale and contribute to the advancement of digital education practices. By participating in the alliance’s activities, such as the annual conference and exhibitions, MCU can showcase its expertise and learn from other leading institutions in the field of digital education.

Photo: World Digital Education Conference