MCU hosted Finale of Spanish Olympiad

On November 18, Moscow City University hosted the Finale of the 6th International Spanish Olympiad «Mi mundo español». The Olympiad has been organized jointly with the Department of Education at the Embassy of Spain and the Moscow Department of Education and Science. More than 250 school students of the 8th—11th grades submitted an application. 31 students from Moscow and the region, St Petersburg, Estonia, and Chili qualified for the Finale.

At the beginning of the Finale, Javier Torres Hernandez, Education Attache at the Embassy of Spain, delivered a welcoming speech. Mr. Hernandez and his colleagues joined the jury of the Olympiad jointly with Senior Lecturer Svetlana Diachkova, Senior Lecturer Olga Ranks, and Assistant Lecturer Irina Rukavishnikova from the MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages, as well as lecturer assistants from Spain.

The jury said that the participants showed high proficiency in Spanish and it was challenging to decide on the winners.

The prizewinners of the Olympiad:

8th grade:

1st place — Polina Obukhova, Moscow, The City of Sun School;

2nd place — Irina Kuznetsova, Moscow, School №1501;

3rd place — Olga Kraynova, Moscow, School №1501.

9th grade:

1st place — Olga Golubyatnikova, Chili, School of the Embassy of Russia in Chili;

2nd place — Sofia Zakeeva, Moscow, Slavic-Anglo-American School “Marina”;

3rd place — Marina Nikitina, Moscow, Troparevo School.

10th-11th grades:

1st place — Yana Blagodyrenko, St Petersburg, Gymnasium 56;

2nd place — Sofia Demian Sergeeva, Moscow Region, Gymnasium №7;

3rd place — Reinhard Rebane, Estonia, Lydia Koidula Pärnuski Gymnasium.