MCU experts participated in the ECER 2022 conference in Yerevan

The European Conference on Educational Research ECER 2022 was held in the end of August – early September 2022 in Yerevan, Armenia. The Conference was devoted to “Education in a Changing World: The Impact of Global Realities on the Prospects and Experiences of Educational Research”. In total, the Conference brought together 1840 experts from 43 different counties. MCU researchers Igor Shiyan, Irina Vorobyeva, Anastasia Belolutskaya, Ivan Grinko, Tatiana Le-van and Natalia Ageeva presented the results of their research at the Conference.

The face-to-face part of ECER 2022 took place on August 22–25, with the first two days dedicated to the Emerging Researchers Conference. More than 300 up-and-coming researchers presented 50 reports and poster presentations and discussed issues of inclusion, identity, digitalization, gender, hard and soft skills in education.

On August 23-25, the key part of ECER 2022 was held, with 33 networking scientific communities uniting under the European Educational Research Association (EERA) to present their solutions to a wider range of academic problems: from history and philosophy of education to scientific innovations at various levels of education.

On August 23, the leading researchers of the MCU Laboratory of Child Development Igor Shiyan and Irina Vorobyeva took part in the session Assessment, Evaluation, Testing and Measurement / Assessing Non-cognitive Skills with the report Creative Abilities Support Rating Scale: Pilot Field Study. The report was dedicated to the initial results of the quality assessment study of learning environments in preschool groups that was carried out by means of a scale developed by the Laboratory. The researchers mentioned that there will be a book published soon presenting the scale and describing its applications.

On August 24, Anastasia Belolutskaya and Ivan Grinko of the Laboratory of Professional Competence Assessment and Adult Development presented the report Analysis of the Museum Exposition as a Way to Assess the Reflective Competence of University Students of Historical Profile which was part of the session Professional Learning and Development Approaches to Reflection and Inquiry in Professional Learning session.

The results of the international project Creles conducted by MCU and partner universities within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme  were presented in the report A Comparative Study of Culturally Responsive Leadership and Practices in Schools of Ireland, Austria, Spain, and Russia by Natalia Ageeva, International Relations Department. The report was dedicated to the opinion survey of school leaders aimed at indicating the best practices and challenges of culturally responsive leadership in schools of Ireland, Austria, Spain and Russia.

Tatiana Le-van, the leading researcher of the MCU’s Laboratory of Child Development presented the report Сhildren’s Perspective on Decision-Making in Preschool Classrooms with Different Quality of Provisions for Participation, at the Children’s Perspectives and Lived Experiences session.

At ECER 2022, the researchers emphasized two contradicting tendencies that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic – strive for global integration and care for local heritage. This contradiction raised new issues before the global educational community:

  • Are the new social changes related to COVID-19 radical or have the society returned back to “normal”?
  • What is meant by educational research today and how is it carried out?
  • Have the approaches to educational research changed, and if yes, how and why?
  • Do the new ways of knowledge integration and exchange help unlock research potential and make a positive impact on the educational system?
  • How effective is the integration of both local and global approaches for solving these challenges?

Educational researchers and experts from all over the world will meet next year to discuss these and many other issues at ECER 2023 Conference in Glasgow (UK) organised by European Educational Research Association (EERA).