MCU Delegation at Research Seminar in Krakow

Kristina Kotsyk, Chinese language teacher at the Chinese Language Department, and second-year students Alisa Kuznetsova and Polina Andreeva participated in the Chinese Studies seminar in Krakow, Poland. The Seminar titled ‘Jagiellonian Window to China’ was conducted at Jagiellonian University from May 16 to 21.

Part of the seminar was dedicated to defense of Master’s and PhD theses. Kristina Kotsyk presented her own research on topic structures in modern linguistic paradigms. Alisa Kuznetsova delivered the project ‘Syntax analysis of the sentences in the works by linguist Wang Li’, and Polina Andreeva spoke on ‘Parts of speech in “The New Grammar of Chinese Language” by Li Juixi’.


The reports demonstrated a profound and comprehensive analysis of the issues and were highly appreciated by the attendees of the seminar and executive board of Jagiellonian University.

MCU representatives were also actively involved in the discussions, round tables, listened to the lectures and reports by European researchers, which will aid to development of research and international life of the MCU Chinese Language Department.