MCU continues partnership with Abai University included in the QS Ranking

Since 2015, Moscow City University has been cooperating with Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University (Abai University). The partnership between MCU and Abai University has been outstandingly fruitful. MCU’s Institute of System Projects has launched the Master’s program “Learning Outcomes Assessment and Monitoring in General Education” in collaboration with Abai University. The program is supported by the World Bank.

In addition, MCU and Abai University arrange and take part in joint research conferences, such as the Russian-Kazakh scientific seminar held in 2020 by the MCU’s Institute of Digital Education. The seminar discussed the special features and prospects of designing and implementing digital technologies at a modern teachers’ training university. Professor Alexander Stradze, Professor Olga Shulgina, and Professor Sergey Sumatokhin of the MCU’s Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies participated in the international seminar at Abai University in 2020.

Besides, the universities conduct collaborative research, including the No. 2 (62) Series of Physics and Mathematical Sciences Bulletin dedicated to the establishment and functioning of a digital university, the creation of a teachers’ training system for efficient IT implementation in education, and technologies and tools for teachers’ training at a digital university. MCU’s Institute of Digital Education and Abai University issued the Bulletin conjointly in 2018.

In 2021, Abai University entered the 200—250 QS World University Ranking by Subject for Education & Training and English Language & Literature. MCU’s students, teaching staff, and researchers have a unique opportunity to undergo internships, conduct research, and arrange scientific and academic events conjointly with one of the CIS leading institutions.