MCU co-founds the Digital Didactics consortium

On July 28, 2021, the establishment of the “Digital Didactics” consortium was announced at the press conference in the Rossiya Segodnya press center. The consortium aims at re-thinking and re-designing common educational tools. The accelerated digitalization of education emphasizes the need for research and developments in the field of general and vocational education, which will be conducted within the activities of the consortium.

Moscow City University has taken the initiative to found the consortium together with universities and digital enterprises, including Tomsk State University, The VTB BankThe Academy of the Ministry of Education, Prosveshcheniye Publishing House as well as digital learning platforms Netology and InternetUrok. The cooperation of educational and digital communities will foster the development of methodological and evidentiary bases for online education as a growing branch of studies in education.

The experts of the consortium will conduct a series of studies on modern practices in digital education within a wide range of questions:

  • psychology of online education and self-learning;
  • hybrid universities and higher education;
  • the use of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies in education;
  • intellectual assistants in education, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies;
  • monitoring of teachers’ digital competencies, models of developing advanced digital literacy;
  • Big Data for personalization and management of education;
  • electronic learning ecosystems of the new generation (The Moscow Electronic School, The MES).

Besides, the consortium will design joint educational content, including online courses, methodological guidelines, digital platforms, services, and simulators, as well as arrange and hold events with the participation of international experts.