MCU at the Final International EduLAw Conference

Since 2016 MCU has been participating in the international capacity building project ‘Law and Rights Modules in Teacher Training Programmes (EduLAw)’ aimed at building rights-based education systems in countries in transition.

To conclude the resuls of the project, the members of the Project Consortium (universities of Belgium, Lithuania, Poland, Albania, Belarus and Russia) assembled for the Final International EduLAw Conference in Vilnius on October 7–12. The delegation from MCU included the representatives of the Institute of Law and Management, the Department for Strategic Development and the International Relations Department.

At the workshops each university presented the outcomes of the EduLAw initiative and the impact it is expected to have on the local higher education. One of the key collaborative EduLAw deliverables includes the development of 20 online education modules on the basic knowledge of education law for the students in teacher education and educational sciences. The modules contain a cumulated Glossary on language, words and phrases in education law and litigation.
In order to support the dissemination of knowledge, the member universities developed the project website aimed at providing the valuable data to non-partner universities who want to design and implement best practices in education law in their organizations.

The MCU project team also developed the ‘Introductory Textbook On Law and Rights for Students in Teacher Training and Educational Sciences‘ that enables MCU students and staff to get acquainted with the judicial experience of the EU countries. 


The Final Conference in Vilnius was concluded by discussing the ideas for the new courses based on the EduLAw methodology that may support solving the current global issues.