MCU and the Sociocenter held a project and analytical session

From February 19 to 21, Moscow City University, being a participant in the strategic academic leadership programme Priority 2030, organised jointly with the Sociocenter a project and analytical session (PAS).

Igor Remorenko, Rector of MCU:

For our university, a project and analytical session provides our university with an invaluable opportunity to reflect and evaluate our development program with an open mind. Drawing from L.S. Vygotsky’s ideas, it is through collaboration and cooperation that we can surpass our current level of development, unlock the potential and outline the boundaries of immediate development. Consequently, the role of such sessions, conducted on the initiative of the Sociocenter, holds great significance for university teams. These three days proved to be both productive and inspiring.

This year, the team of experts of the Sociocenter was represented by Elena Kranzeeva, Maxim Ermachkov and Anton Konurin.



Additionally, the session was attended by esteemed individuals such as Georgy Suvorov (Deputy Director for Science and Network Interaction of the Sociocenter), Konstantin Bogonosov (Deputy Director of the Department for Coordination of Educational Organisations of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation), Oksana Allayeva (Deputy Head of the Department for the Development of Scientific Activities of the Department of Education and Science of Moscow), Nikita Krylov (leading specialist of the Department of Expertise and Network Interaction of the Sociocenter), Anna Skorik (Deputy Director of the Moscow Longevity), Pavel Sergomanov (Head of the Academic Laboratory of SberEducation), Kirill Barannikov (Head of the Yandex.Education department for work with universities), Alexander Uvarov (Professor at the HSE University).

The MCU development team consisted of reprentetive of almost all institutes, the student community, and the administration.


The PAS was structured around five areas: the target model and management system, basic processes, and three strategic projects. Collaborating with experts from the Sociocenter, the MCU development team discussed the current results of the strategic projects and explored scenarios for their development. The session concluded with a plenary session to summarise the outcomes of the collaborative reflective work.

Maxim Ermachkov highlighted the development of an interesting project management experience and valuable intellectual practice through working with the MCU team, showcasing the strengths of the University’s development team:

There is significant potential hidden in each strategic project, which allows the University to to seek special grant opportunities. The current projects demonstrate significant potential for the successful transformation of the education system and the city as a whole.


Photo: MCU