MCU Admissions Campaign 2019

MCU’s admissions campaign started on June 24, featuring MCU’s staff and volunteers who create a friendly and positive atmosphere for prospective students.

From Monday to Friday the yard of the MCU’s main building is turned into a cheerful youth space arranged around the fountain, and featuring summer mood music, quizzes with presents and warm-hearted conversations. Student volunteers assist applicants in finding information on educational programs and addmissions procedure, and share their experience of studying at MCU and being a part of its student life.

There is a tradition among prospective students of throwing a coin into the fountain and making a wish to return at MCU as its students.

The admissions campaign has just started to be followed by its peak in July with entrance exams, applicant rankings and final admission.

The idea behind such a positive format of the admissions campaign is to share with the prospective students a glimpse of the university spirit and a versatile student life and to assist them in making the right choice of their future careers.