International students are provided with the following types of support:

  • Visa invitation letter
  • Registration with the Russian migration authorities (in case a student stays at the MCU’s hotel)
  • Visa extension for a study period
Invitation Letter

An invitation letter is necessary to apply for a Russian student visa.
Please contact the International Relations Department in order to issue an invitation.

Step 1

Fill in the application for invitation and send it to

Step 2

Within 25 working days you will receive an electronic invitation via e-mail. Please, print out the invitation and submit it together with the visa application and other required documents to the Russian Embassy in your country.

Confirm the list of the required documents at the official website of the Russian Embassy in your country.

Sample of Electronic Invitation:

Visa Extension
  • Do I need to extend my visa?

Foreign nationals can stay in Russia during the period stated by their visas.
If you plan to stay in Russia longer than the period stated by your visa, please apply for visa extension at the International Relations Department.

  • You must apply for visa extension not later than 45 calendar days before the expiry date of your visa. Please, do not plan any trips 2 weeks prior to the expiry date of your visa.
  • Please inform your curator and the International Relations Department of any trips around Russia or abroad beforehand.
  • How to extend my visa?

Step 1

Prepare the required documents:

  • A copy of all pages of your passport (including blank ones);
  • A copy of your migration card;
  • A copy of your registration;
  • A confirmation of the state duty payment
  • 2 photos
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • A copy of your admission directive
  • Visa application (printed from both sides of 1 paper and filled out in writing)

If you have any questions regarding the list of documents, please contact the International Relations Department.

Step 2

Submit the documents in person to the International Relations Department, room 214.


  • Please be informed that your passport will be send to the Russian Migration Authorities for visa extension. You will receive your passport with a new visa within 2 working days after submittal.

Step 3

After receiving the new visa, please re-apply for your registration within 1 working day. How to apply for registration?

Migration Card

A migration card is an identity document used in Russia for foreign nationals. You will be given a migration card at the customs upon arrival.

  •  You should keep with you your passport with the registration form and migration card attached to it at all times.
  • In case you lose either your registration form or migration card, please contact the International Relations Department

Sample of a migration card:

Registration Form
  • What is it? 

The registration form is a document that confirms your lawful stay in Russia. It is required to notify the Russian migration authorities of the place of your residence in Russia.

Please contact the International Relations Department as soon as you arrive in Moscow for processing of your documents.

Sample of a registration form:

  • How to apply for registration  

If you stay at MCU hotel

MCU hotel will assist you with obtaining your registration. As soon as you arrive and check in with the hotel, please visit the hotel staff in room 1016 on the 10th floor. Bring the following documents with you:

  • Passport
  • Migration card

If you stay at a rented apartment

In this case your landlord/landlady will assist you with obtaining your registration. Please ask him or her to arrange for your registration immediately after your settling in the apartment.

1. Collect the package of required documents:

  • A copy of all pages of your passport (including blank ones)
  • A tenancy contract
  • A copy of your migration card

2. Visit the local office of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs together with your landlord/landlady (find the address of the local office here) and submit your documents.

3. Your registration will be ready within 3 working days after submittal. Please send a two-sided scanned copy of the obtained registration to

  • Important 
  • Every time you enter Russia and receive a new migration card at the customs, please apply for a new registration.
  • If you travel around Russian cities, please register at the place of your stay, and apply for a new registration after returning to Moscow.
  • If you temporarily move to a hotel or guesthouse/hostel in Moscow and then return to the MCU hotel or a rented apartment, please apply for a new registration as soon as you have changed your residence.
  • How to re-apply for registration

Please submit the following documents either to the MCU hotel office or the local migrations office at the place of your residence:

  • Your previous registration issued in another city/Moscow hotel
  • A copy of your migration card
  • A copy of all pages of your passport (including blank ones)
  • A copy of your visa
Academic calendar

Here are the key dates of the MCU academic calendar for international students. Please, confirm specific deadlines with your coordinator as the dates may slightly differ each year.


  • Autumn semester: 9 September – 31 January
  • Spring semester: 9 February – 20 June


  • Autumn semester: 11 January – 31 January
  • Spring semester: 1 June – 20 June

Application deadlines

  • Autumn semester: 31 October
  • Spring semester: 30 April